I’ve registered as a contractor with Toolset Plugins due to my extensive experience with them. Their company provides top-notch support, and their plugins are very well designed and maintained.

If you aren’t familiar with Toolset, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I’d appreciate it if you use my affiliate link to get there:

I’ve been working with toolset for many years, since being impressed with it when helping another contractor on a site in 2008 or so. Types is my plugin of choice for adding custom post types, custom fields, custom taxonomies, etc., and I currently have it installed on ten sites. I use views and layouts occasionally as well, including this site http://heritagesc.org/

I’m usually busy but always looking for new opportunities. I’ve specialized in system and site architecture for many years so I can help you make the right choices up front. But I also am very good at analyzing existing sites and fixing problems.

Although I specialize in Divi I can work with any theme. I usually work independently but perform well as a member of a team when necessary.