Welcome to CWG Services. This is the ‘services’ website for Chuck Gregory, longtime resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

I’ve called myself an ‘aging hippie’ and that’s probably as good a description as any. My beliefs were shaped in the sixties and deep down they haven’t changed much in all that time. The world has certainly changed, though.

I offer a variety of web and document services, and I’m putting together this simple website to get rid of the embarrassing one I used to have. Imagine, a web designer with an ugly single page site at his main address! What was I thinking, to leave it that way for years?

I make no promises to update this one too often either, of course. I’m usually too busy fixing problems for other people to pay much attention to my own. But putting this on the wonderfully efficient WordPress 3.0 platform will make it a lot easier to make changes–so they may actually get done.

Thanks for stopping by.